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About Precut Window Tint

About precut tint iconPrecut Window Tint makes tinting faster & easier than ever before & comes in a variety of kit types.

What is Precut Window Tint?
Precut Window tint is window tint that has been cut to a specific shape, such as the shape of a vehicles window, through the aid of computer software and a precision cutting machine.

What is Standard Cut precut tint?
Standard Cut precut tint is cut through the tinting film but not through the clear plastic liner that protects the tint adhesive. Excess film and plastic liner will need to be removed prior to forming and installing the precut tint pattern. The instructions included with your precut tint kit show how this is done quickly and easily without damaging the precut pattern.

What is TruCut precut tint?
TruCut precut window tint kits are cut completely through the tint film and the plastic liner. No trimming of excess film or liner are needed. TruCut precut tint kits are ready to form and install out of the box.

Window Tint Laws

Window Tint Laws IconIs your window tint film too dark? What are your local tinting laws? Find your State Tinting Laws here.

USA State Window Tint Laws

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