Free Paint Protection Installation Videos

Free Paint Protection Video
These instructional videos are designed as a 'how-to' instructional guide for the beginning installer who is looking for more information than what a text and picture guide can provide. Though these videos do not cover every aspect of installing clear paint protection films, they will give you a general idea, along with being able to actually see what's being done.
Tools & Supplies
Shows you all the tools you may need for installing clear paint protection films, as well give you a demonstration on how to mix the slip solution and alcohol solution you will need to install the film.
7 minutes 08 seconds, 22mb @ 585kbs
Installing Paint Protection Film
From Prep Cleaning, to removing the film from the liner via a 'reverse roll', to the final pass with the squeege... in this video you'll watch as an installer talks his way through an installation using our Precut Clear Paint Protection film.
17 minutes 19 seconds, 71.4mb @ 585kbs