How dark is too dark?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Police in one Louisiana city is taking drastic action to put a stop to illegal window tinting.

In Eunice, police will impound your car if the problem is not fixed within five days.

While police in Lake Charles might not be going to that extreme, local window tinting businesses feel police officers are still cracking down.

"That's a lot of our business, taking the darker window tint off and putting it back to where it needs to be legal," says Thibodeax.

Thibodeaux feels this is a result of police officers in Lake Charles cracking down on window tinting regulations.

"If we see the violator or see illegal window tint, we'll stop them and issue a citation and give them a court date," says Corporal Billy Creel of Lake Charles Police.

The front side windows must allow at least 40% of light in, back side windows must allow 25%, and the rear window must allow at least 12% of light inside the vehicle.

Vehicles owned by law enforcement agencies are exempt from the window tint regulations for security purposes.

Drivers with certain medical conditions can fill out a special exemption form.

This form must be approved by the state and must remain with the driver at all times.

But if you do not meet either of those exemptions, police advise you to make sure your window tint is legal.

If you would like to get the tint on your windows tested to make sure they meet the state's regulations, law enforcement agencies offer free window testing.