Rear 2/3rds Jaguar XK8 2dr Precut Window Tint Kit

Jaguar XK8 2dr
Jaguar XK8 2dr
Item# rear-2thirds-precut-window-tint-kit-jaguar-xk8-2dr
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Our Price: $23.47
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Jaguar XK8 2dr window tint kits cool & protect while adding style & distinction. To find out what precut tint kit is right for your Jaguar XK8 2dr please continue reading below.
window tint kit Precut Window Tint Rear 2/3rds precut window tint kits include precut film for:
  • All rear driver & passenger door windows
  • All rear cargo & quarter windows present
  • A One-Piece rear window (backglass) (please tell us if your vehicle has a multi-piece backglass)
    Plus these free bonuses
  • Free online installation training videos
  • Coupon codes for discounts on future purchases
tint shades image vlt header You have your choice of the following VLT Shades:
  • 05% (very dark / limo tint)
  • 20% (dark - matches most factory tint)
  • 35% (moderate tint)
  • 50% (light tint)
  • Mixed ( *see description below)
    To mix shades
  • Select "Mixed" from the drop down select at the top of this page
  • continue shopping, or, proceed through check-out
  • While in check-out, tell us the shades you would like in the "Comments" section
installation training video training video Watch, listen, & learn as a professional tints an entire vehicle. You'll learn:
  • Tools & supplies needed
  • Proper preparation of the glass
  • How to handle the film
  • What "fingers" are and how to remove them
  • Tinting side roll-up & quarter windows
  • Heat shrinking using the "wet method"
  • Shrinking & installing a one-piece backglass
  • Trimming for a perfect fit
  • Tips & tricks for professional results

2 hours and 10 minutes of free training!
Window tint kit upgrades upgrades Our Standard Kits use 1-Ply NR Film & our Standard Cut method. Upgrades are offered to further enhance the value of your kit.

Upgrades available for this kit:

Upgrade description
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